Forensic Conferences for Asia

The Forensic Conferences for Asia are  training and networking events for all forensic investigations and audit professionals. This is an initiative by the IICFIP to not only create awareness against fraud/corruption in Asia in public as well as private and NGO sectors but also to build capacity for effective investigation of the vices of fraud and corruption in Asia to foster development and growth of public and private enterprises as well as government projects.

These programmes are financed purely by registration fees received from the delegates or attendees. The cost of travelling of international speakers, conference halls & other facilities, accommodation for the speakers and organizers, publicity and communication is catered for by the registration fees.

Thanks, in advance,to those organizations that may come forward to support this initiative. In Africa, where we have been runing similar conferences, we have had security firms, water companies, and media houses that have whole heartedly supported these programmes. This support usually comes to help us subsidize the registrations fees and hence keep them low to attract more delegates to benefit from these programmes.

We do invite all management level staff/managers, auditors,Directors and Audit Committee of all organizations including central government departments and ministries to attend and benefit from these events.

Those organizations that are interested in improving our societies, economies and organizations through effective fight against fraud or corruption should support us so that we may reach many in Africa and spread this gospel against these enemies of social economic development.

We aim at succeeding in assisting government efforts to minimize or eradicate fraud or corruption and related vices.

Please read the rest of the pages to get the full picture of what we are doing in this part of the World.

Naura Springs Hotel,

ARUSHA, Tanzania
6th - 9th August, 2012

Lagos, Nigeria
20th - 23th August, 2012

FCA Sponsorship

This page is designed to market our local and international sponsors. We are calling all potential sponsors who wish to associate with us and want their logos appear at this section to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Category: General Posted by: admin Every year business executives/people receive opportunities to attend conferences all over Africa continent. Conferences provide good opportunities to not only acquire new skills but also important contacts for business and professional advancement. It is, however, not possible financially for everyone to register and attend these worthwhile events.Read More

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